Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catch-Up Blog

Wow have I been a bad blogger lately!!! I was afraid this would happen when I started blogging. I know myself so well! In an attempt to catch up, I will do one big blog with several things from the last couple months.
Back in January or February (I can't remember which) we actually got some snow. Unfortunately, I don't have great snow clothes for the boys, so Ethan wore a pair of my boots (they are a little small on me and big on him, but they somehow worked!) and a pair of rainboots for Carter. Donnie worked the night before, so he was home with them when school was canceled to play out in the snow! Yay!! I'm not a fan of the cold!

We celebrated Pittsburgh's trip to the Superbowl by just getting some wings and having a little party with the four of us at home. My mom and dad got us all shirts and Ethan decorated.

Long story short, Ethan wanted to be Abraham Lincoln (or as he used to say, Hammerton Lincoln).

We went to a birthday party where Ethan and Carter were able to take pony rides. They loved it!!

Some action shots of Ethan playing basketball. And I use the term 'action' loosely!

For Valentine's Day, Ethan wanted a Mario Kart for his box to hold his cards. Fortunately for me I have some creative friends and family since I don't have a creative bone in my body. They gave me some ideas, and this is how it turned out. I also hot glued some matchbox cars on the bottom so that it really rolls and he could play with it at home.

If you have been a faithful blog follower (and have a really good memory) you might recall a poster contest Ethan entered about not talking to strangers. He called his poster "Stranger Danger" and drew a picture of a stranger offering him candy and him running away and yelling. Well, I got a call informing me that he got 5th place for his poster and would receive an award at the next PTA meeting. Here is a picture of all 5 of the winners with their winning ribbons. Way to go Efie!!