Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

A couple weeks before Easter, we went to an Easter egg hunt at Carter's preschool. The Easter Bunny was there, and my boys were all geared up to find some eggs. There were two different areas to hunt for eggs. One was for preschoolers and the other was for K-3rd grade. And there was a golden egg in each area!!! I went with Carter and Donnie went with Ethan. Carter just couldn't believe how many eggs there were and how easy it was to find them. He couldn't have cared less about finding the golden egg. Ethan, on the other hand, was a completely different story from what Donnie said! After about 5 minutes of searching, I saw him running over to our area holding something with the biggest grin on his face. He found the golden egg!!! The only bad part about this was that he had to hand it in to receive his prize. I think he would've just rather kept the golden egg as his prize!

Ethan and Carter with their friend Bryce


A couple days before Easter, Carter and Ethan were having a conversation about why they were so excited. Ethan said he loved Easter because of the Easter Bunny. Carter then reminded him that Easter was about God. He told him that the Easter Bunny only gives us candy, but God gives us life. (pronounced wife) I couldn't believe my little 4 year old's thought process!!

The day before Easter I remember Ethan asking me what the Easter Bunny drinks. This was probably his 200th question about the Easter Bunny that day, so without really giving it any thought, I told him I didn't know, probably water. That night after they were both in bed and Donnie and I were hiding eggs, I looked down at the end table in our family room, and there was a glass of water and a note that Ethan wrote to the Easter Bunny. It said, "estr buney fak yow for bein my frend. I luv yow. Ethan Davis"

They were almost as excited Easter morning as they were Christmas morning. I don't remember ever getting that excited about Easter. They loved going through their goodies and searching for eggs. We then went to church and just spent the rest of the day at home. We did color eggs on Saturday, but I forgot to take pictures.

Carter and his favorite thing from the Easter Bunny--a Webkinz kitty he name Cutie Pie

Ethan couldn't decide what was his favorite, so he wanted me to take a picture of him with everything!

What was the Easter Bunny thinking?

On the walls, you can see a couple of the many decorations Ethan made for Easter. If you click on the picture, it will get larger and you can see that the one behind him is Jesus on the cross.

We couldn't get Carter to stop eating jellybeans long enough to find more eggs

Ready for church


Denver said...

I just love these blogs. Tell Ethan I thought his drawings were really good, especially Jesus on the cross. Carter, you go boy, eat those jelly beans. Grammy likes them, too.

Amy said...

I love Ethan's letter to the Easter Bunny! Good sounding out!

You know, Lent is over...tell those boys to save some candy for me!