Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Days of School

Well I cannot believe that Ethan is in the 1st grade and Carter will start kindergarten next year. They are both doing well in school, although Ethan complains that the day feels much longer than it did in kindergarten. They are the same amount of time, but I think it's because first grade is so much more structured and there's a lot more work. He's doing well, but is definitely tired when he gets home. Carter is in the jumpstart program and goes 3 days a week. He is finally beginning to adjust and there are less tears. He really likes his teachers and is learning so much. It also helps that he has a lot of friends in his class!

Ethan's first day in his Captain America shirt.

Ethan and his teacher. I forgot to take one of
Carter and his teachers.

Carter's first day in his motorcycle shirt.

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